Traditional Home And Folk Remedy: Onions



The onion is by far the most important bulb vegetable in terms of its healing properties. It is used both in its green stage as a scallion, or green onion, and in it’s mature stage as a bulb – the tightly packed globe of food storage laves containing the volatile oil that is the source of the onion’s pungent flavor.

Thought to have originated in Asia, the onion has been cultivated since ancient times. The bulb of the onion is used in cooking and medicinally; like garlic, it warms the body and stimulates the circulation. Onions have long been considered the mainstay of every household remedy chest.

Onion and its relative garlic are members of the lily family. They are some of the oldest know medicinal plants, rich in trace elements, minerals, and sulfur. Remedies using onion date back to 3000 B.C.E. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribed onion for cancer and leprosy. Onion stimulates the production of saliva and digestive juices, as well as the flow of tears.

Onion reduces kapha and vatha, and increases pitta. Its stimulating effects aid in the secretion of digestive juices.

Onion juice has been used to treat infected wounds, amebic dysentery, and at one time juice applied to the ear was said to cure deafness.

Onion may be used directly on the skin for natural relief from burns. Simply place slices of raw onion on the burned skin, or apply a homemade lotion of onion juice mixed with salt. This preparation is also effective for insect bites or stings.

For an an antibiotic treatment, peel and eat raw or cooked one-quarter of one sweet white onion, two to four times a day. The onion must be chewed, rushed, chopped, or bruised to access its antibiotic properties.



  • Nursing mothers beware: Onion in your breast milk may cause colic in your infant.
  • Some people have allergies to onion and my develop a skin rash. If one appears  discontinue use.
  • Consult a physician before consuming large quantities of onion for medicinal purposes.
  • Some people have trouble digesting raw onion. If this is the case, steam or blanch the onion before eating.



  • Onions cause the body to “weep,” which helps to release toxins.
  • Onion increases blood circulation and can relax the muscles.
  • Expectorant and diuretic
  • Helps to reduce serum cholesterol after a fatty meal.
  • May provide some protection against cancer.
  • Antibiotic, draws out infection.
  • Warming
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Cleanses the intestines and helps to maintain balance of bacteria.



  • Apply fresh onion to an abscessed tooth or a boil to draw out infection and help to encourage circulation to the area which will facilitate quick healing.
  • Mix onion juice with honey to relieve the symptoms of a cold.
  • Taken daily, onions can help prevent cancers of the digestive tract.
  • The regular consumption of onions can reduce nervous debility.
  • Onions are often recommended for gastric infections; onions will be effective cooked and raw.
  • Use a poultice of roasted onion for earaches.
  • Apply raw, macerated onions on sprains, bruises and unbroken chilblains.


I hope this is helpful to you!

And again consult a physician before consuming large quantities of onion for medicinal purposes.

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Sources: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy MD, PHD

ISBN #9780007851379

Information pulled July 30, 2018



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