Massage Etiquette for Men

Massages are wonderful, but if you’re new to massage and just trying it out for the first time it can feel a little awkward having a stranger rubbing your semi-naked body.

It’s sort of an awkward scenario when you really think about it.


There has to be some unwritten rules about the whole experience right?

Indeed there are!

Your time will be far more enjoyable for both you and the therapist if you’re aware of this code of etiquette.

1. Take a shower beforehand.

Think if it this way if you were a massage therapist would you want to massage someone who just got out of the gym or was just doing yard work? Also, touching up in their restroom does NOT count (unless they provide a shower).


2. If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late…

Before your appointment you’ll have to fill out some health background paperwork, and also talk with the therapist for just a couple minutes about what you’re looking for. Showing up right as your appointment starts means you are shorting yourself on massage time.

The rule of thumb is arrive 15 minutes early if you’re a first time client. If you’re a regular be 5 minutes early.


3. Turn off your phone

This should go without saying. Nobody wants to hear a phone ring when they are in the middle off what’s supposed to be a relaxing massage. Even a vibration is noticeable during a massage.

So please turn your phone off, you will survive I promise.


4. Undress to your level of comfort.

This is what the therapist will typically tell you before beginning the massage. They’ll leave the room to give you time to undress, get on the table and place a sheet over your lower extremities.  You’ll either undress or be down to the nude. Most people feel embarrassed because they feel the therapist may think they are trying to show off or a perv. But it is easier for the therapist to work without a cloth barrier to truncate their movements (especially if you wear big baggy boxer shorts). So if you’re comfortable remove your undies.

Also, even if you decide to go full nude your family jewels are never exposed. You will be asked to turn over during the massage, but don’t worry therapists do some pretty nifty sheet work to keep everything covered while you do so. It’s normal to not feel comfortable removing your underwear the first time you get a massage, but you’ll probably get over it in time.

Remember you’re dealing with professionals who see human flesh every day and won’t find small glimpses of your buttocks weird, sexual or at all interesting.


5. Communicate

If something is uncomfortable let the massage therapist know. They normally ask in the beginning what type of pressure you like and if there are any parts of your body that you feel need more attention. If you don’t know what pressure you would like have them start out at medium pressure. From there you can determine whether you need softer or harder pressure.

Let the therapist know if there is any part of the body that you don’t want massaged. Most people are ticklish on their feet so be sure to let them know.

Do you need to make conversation?

That’s up to you, feedback is okay as well as small talk but don’t feel like you have to chat. You can if you want, but it’s fine if you want to lay in silence, close your eyes and listen to the music.


6. Bodily Functions

While therapists don’t mind a few toots, if you feel like you have a gas bomb about to go off take a time out and use the restroom. Most massage rooms are small and therapists appreciate you not stinking up the whole room.  Other then that they don’t mind. After all your relaxed and sometimes it just happens.

Erections are common for men during a massage so don’t be embarrassed. Remember you are dealing with professionals and they will just ignore it.


7. Don’t ask about sexual favors (or even joke about them).

Women in general don’t like this period. Some of you may want to argue that but me personally, I think it’s rude. And in a professional setting when you are working with a therapist at best, you’ll offend them; at worst, you’ll be kicked out, and for good. It doesn’t matter how big of a stud you think you are therapists see human flesh every day and have no interest.


8. Leave a tip.

It’s pretty much expected to tip 15-20% these days, but some people don’t know that they should tip a massage therapist.


I hope this is helpful to you!

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Photo by Samad Ismayilov from Pexels

Information pulled August 10, 2018

5 thoughts on “Massage Etiquette for Men

  1. Those rules of etiquette are prefect and good to know. And everyone there are very good at making you feel very comfortable I’ve gotten massages from a few ladies there and they are all very professional


  2. hello,

    I was looking at massage booking tips and I found your post.

    I really like that you emphasize things in a matter of fact way for clients.

    Actually, I just put together an infographic about massage booking etiquette. As someone who writes about the profession of massage therapy I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

    Let me know if you want to check it out.


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