What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?

What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?



A great massage therapist can command a long list of loyal clientele. To be the most successful in this business, one must have a certain set of qualities that makes people want to come back.

Some of those top qualities include:


1. Communication skills

A good massage therapist communicates with his/her client before starting the session. Addressing any concerns or what the client is expecting out of the massage and must also be able to communicate clearly and effectively with them to make sure you’re delivering a massage and creating an environment that feels comfortable for them.


2. Stamina and Strength

Massage therapists need to have physical strength and mental stamina to perform their tasks each day. Most sessions run 60 minutes and on average a therapist will see 5 to 6 clients a day.


3. Empathy

Massage therapists need to be empathetic on a consistent basis with their clients.


4. Integrity

The clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance. It’s essential that therapist keep any personal or medical information clients share with you private. Personal information never leave your professional environment.


5. Time Management

Therapist like people to respect their time but that also applies to the therapist. Always running late, not having the room ready or constantly having to reschedule is not exceptable in a massage studio (or any business that matter).


6. Great Customer Service

Ready to answer any of your questions and if they can’t answer right away, will get back to you as soon as possible. Friendly but professional and respectful of your time.


7. Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

The room sets the mood…

Dim light (maybe with candles), soft relaxing music, aromatherapy and hot towels all bring that atmosphere to life.


8. Knowledge of Proper Technique

A great massage therapist has extensive knowledge of the techniques used in a variety of massage types.


9. Strong Client Focus

A great massage therapist is focused solely on the client and is able to tune out all other distractions during a massage. They are committed to providing an enjoyable service to their clients


I hope this is helpful to you!

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Information pulled August 11, 2018

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Massage Therapist?

  1. I agree that it’s important for a massage therapist to have extensive knowledge about the different techniques that are being used in different massage types. My sister said that she wants to be a professional massage therapist in the future. She doesn’t have expertise when it comes to the differences of massage types. Since she wants to deliver what her clients will ask of her, I will find a massage therapy class where I can enroll her.


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