How to Burn Yourself Out in Massage Therapy

Many people when doing any job for many years can get burnt out. Massage Therapy is a very relaxing and laid back job but we can not stress the importance of self-care for massage therapists. Which most therapists don’t realize till it’s too late.

How to burn yourself out in Massage Therapy…


  1. Doing as many massages a day as possible.

  2. Scheduling appointments back to back and only leaving enough room to change the sheets.

    This is especially stressful when you are running behind.

  3. Snacking on junk food all day and never actually eating a meal.

    Massage Therapy is a physically demanding job and you need to give your body the proper nutrients to give you energy.

  4. Using your thumbs as much as possible.

  5. Only doing massage as your exercise and no additional exercise outside of work.

    If you do the same exercise everyday for years it’s not doing anything for you. Additional exercise outside of work helps with your stamina and you don’t get tired as quickly.

  6. Trying to work 7 days a week.

    This goes along with doing as many massages a day as possible and then your never taking a brake. It’s so important that you have some down time to relax and let your body and mind recharge. After all your clients can feel your energy regardless of what you say and how you act. If you are stressed out or tired, your client is going to feel that.

  7. Don’t stretch.

    We all know how important it is to stretch but sometimes Therapists as well as normal people need to be reminded.

  8. Say yes to every appointment.

    If you are completely exhausted you don’t have to take the appointment. Not only is it not good for you but you are also not able to give your client your 100% which could hurt your business in the long run. Sometimes it’s better to just schedule them for another day.

  9. Sticking to the same techniques and never learning anything new.

    Keep growing and keep getting better.

  10. Playing the same spa music for years.

    Mix it up a little bit!

  11. Charge just enough to pay your bills.

    This happens often, not just in massage therapy but in many businesses. We are very critical of yourselves and don’t feel like we deserve being paid a certain amount. It’s ok to have lower prices when you are first getting started, but once you get a decent size clientele and you are consistently busy, up the price a little bit. You may lose one or two clients but if you are really good at what you do people wont have a problem paying it. Remember this, “Where there is no cost there is no value.”

  12. Giving everyone else your time but never giving time for yourself.

  13. Don’t learn to work with any kind of tools.

  14. Never receiving any bodywork yourself.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope this is helpful!

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This information was pulled August 14, 2018


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