How Often Should You Get A Massage?

How Often Should You Get A Massage?


This is a question massage therapist hear often from clients.


General Maintenance

Sometimes this is a hard question to answer because everyone is different but in general, a person who is in good health should get a massage once to twice a month for general maintenance.


Chronic Conditions

Tiffany Amorosino wrote, “If you want a massage for the treatment of a chronic condition such as migraines, neck aches and backaches, you’ll need to receive one more frequently to see relief. It is recommended to start off with twice weekly massages for the first four to six weeks, and then gradually increase the time between sessions as symptoms improve. While chronic conditions are generally not solved in a single session, most can be well managed by regular, effective massages.”


Sports and Working Out

If you are heavily involved in sports or weight training it’s been said that you should get a massage 2 to 3 times a week during periods of intense training. I know that seems like a lot but it’s important to get more massages during this time to maintain muscle health to repair and flexibility.  And on your off season you can cut back to once or twice a month.

A massage will help alleviate muscle pain due to the intense training or working out.  If an athlete is stiff and sore due to an injury or working hard, they will not be performing at their best.  With regular massage, muscle pain can be curbed and the athlete can perform at their best without being distracted by pain or injury. This occurs by removing lactic acid build up in the muscle and stripping the muscle of any other toxins.

Massage will also help you relax and improve your sleep which is also very important.  When your asleep that’s the time when your body is repairing itself.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of getting regular massage go to my blog Are Massages Good For You to read the article.



Lets face it at one time or another we have all gone through stress. Emotions play a big part in your health and should not be ignored. If you are going through a stressful time once to twice a month is typically what most people do just to be able to step back take a breath and relax.



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This information was pulled August 20, 2018


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