What Should You Expect At Your First Massage Appointment?

What Should You Expect At Your First Massage Appointment?



Before you decide to make an appointment make sure your schedule is clear.

If at some point you are not able to make your appointment give the massage therapist at least 1 days notice if you can. Most massage studios and spas have a cancellation fee for last minute cancellations, this varies on the business. Be sure to ask what their policy is on last minute cancellations.

Don’t schedule or reschedule your appointment if you have a fever, skin irritations (such as poison ivy or sunburn) cold, rashes, or warts. For obvious reasons…


Arrive to your first appointment 15 minutes early.

You want to have enough time to fill out the intake forms where they will ask about medical conditions, areas of concern, what parts of you are more sensitive to heavy pressure and you will also likely be asked to sign forms that explain your right to privacy such as HIPAA Consent and Disclosure.


Before You Start.

The Massage Therapist will review your intake form and ask you a few questions to better design your session for your needs.

The therapist will outline what will happen in the session and then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level.

When you are ready, lie down on the massage table and cover yourself with the sheet or other draping on the table. The therapist will knock before re-entering.


During the Massage

You should be face down on the table covered with the draping. If you are uncomfortable at any point such as you don’t want an area of your body being touched or your too hot/cold let the therapist know so they can adjust the temperature in the room or provide you with a different type of draping.


Relax, Breath and Listen to the Music

You’ll get the most out of your massage by being open to the process. Listen to the music and let your thoughts go. Some people without realizing it may hold their breath or tense up. Try to remind yourself to take deep breaths and relax as much as possible.


Thank you for reading, I hope this article was helpful!

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This information was pulled August 24, 2018


Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels


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