Ways To Be Your Massage Therapists Favorite Client

Ways To Be Your Massage Therapists Favorite Client



I’ve done blogs on what to ask your Massage Therapist at your first appointment and I’ve done blogs on massage etiquette. But what’s going to make you, your therapists favorite client?




First thing…


Ask your therapist if they prefer you to arrive on time or a few minutes early.

Some therapists book their appointments back to back so they don’t want their next client arriving early before they are completely ready.  But most of the time it’s better to arrive a few minutes early so that way you can fill out your intake form and start your appointment on time. But again ask your therapist what they prefer.


Ask your therapist how early is too early to arrive.

When talking with some ladies at a spa they have had clients show up as early as 45 minutes.  Now I wouldn’t recommend showing up for your appointment this early, but it’s not a bad idea to ask your therapist what they prefer. A therapist does not want to make their client wait but they also don’t like to have to scramble to get their room ready if you arrive too early.


Be specific on where it hurts.

The therapist can feel a lot of things but they can’t feel your pain. Your aches and pains will be discussed before your appointment but while in the massage be sure to let the therapist know if something is uncomfortable. Also, tell them exactly where it hurts, how it hurts (does it ache, is it shooting pain or feels like needles), and when it hurts (do certain positions make it feel better or worse). This helps the therapist a lot and gives them an even better idea of how to help you and they greatly appreciate it!



Be sure to take a few of your therapists business cards and share them with your friends and family.


Write a positive review online.

If your therapist is listed on Yelp, Google Places, or a similar site that allows reviews, please post a positive review.


Interact with the business profile on Social Media.

After you get done with your appointment go to your therapists business Facebook page or website and leave a comment saying how nice it was to see them and how much you liked your session. A therapist will never get tired of hearing they did a good job and even better if you complement them on social media for all to see.


Do your stretches and drink your water.

All therapists will tell you it’s important to stretch and drink plenty of water after you have had a massage. This helps keep you loose and flushes out all the toxins that were built up in the body. Now a lot of people don’t actually do this but if you follow directions not only will you feel better but your therapist will put you far above the rest for taking responsibility for your own health.


Book your next appointment before you leave.

This is the best way to maintain a regular massage schedule. Because you know life happens once you leave that door and before you know it a month has gone by. It’s easier to do maintenance then to have to start all over again.


Tip well!

Some people don’t know that they should tip.  Ask the therapist if tip is included in the price and if it’s not be sure to do so before or after your appointment. You may be asking, “What’s a good tip?”  A good tip is typically $20.  Now if you really want to make your therapists day you can tip them $40.  Not that you have to do that every time but it really makes the therapists day when someone tips more then expected.  Especially around the holidays.


There we have it!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

Information pulled August 31, 2018

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