39 thoughts on “Which Picture Is Best?

    1. The third from the top is nice but I like the first one, if you use that one I would cut the bottom off just over the first 2 dots too where the one big curl is at the bottom of the picture if you do that it’s a winner…


  1. Hi Brandee.
    First, let me say. They are all lovely!!
    I like the 4th one best…but I would want a different background.
    The 2nd one is great…but idk if you want to use the black/white for business.
    I would probably go with the 1st one. The background fits a lil more for professional use.


  2. The picture with the brown background. Your hair pulled over to all one side and the background doesn’t have to much going on like the flower picture. You look like an innocent school teacher :).


  3. I like the 3rd picture with the flowers 🌺 in the background. The color of the flowers brings out your skin tone and the lipstick that you’re wearing! Go with that picture!


  4. There’s not enough contrast between and among the 4 pictures to really say that one stands out from the others, so I would call it a ‘pick one’. You might want to wear a different dress or outfit, or pin your hair up in a bun. I’m a photographer, a studio light that does contrast on one side of your face might be a good shot as well.


  5. They are all great, but i prefer the 1st. Love the smile, like the hair pulled on the left and shows some of the curls which is neat. Besides the smile, you also have beautiful dark hair and long.


  6. I like the top one the best! All the pictures look nice but the one on top there just something about it that’s just a little bit better than the rest. Plus I like how your hair curled in front of you. 😍


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