Benefits of Foot Massage

Benefits of Foot Massage



Foot massages are so relaxing.  Whether you had a long day on your feet, working in heels or just to kick back and enjoy, it’s never a bad time for a food massage.  You’d be surprised to know that there are many benefits to getting your feet massages.  Because like our hands we use our feet every day and it’s important to take care of them either by self massage or by a reflexologist.


Improves Circulation

Although we use our feet every day the muscles of our feet typically don’t get exercise and circulation is often impaired by tight uncomfortable shoes.   Before going to bed a 10–20 minute massage greatly improves circulation.  You can do this yourself or ask your significant other, and don’t forget to return the favor!


Good For Your Sex Life

This is just something that I read recently.

“A foot massage is a selfless gift to your significant other, it helps them forget about minor annoyances they’ve had to deal with throughout the day and it is a great form of foreplay.

The feet are a great starting point since they can cause mild arousal and offer easy transition to more powerful erogenous zones like the back of the knees and inner thighs.”

If you really think about it, it makes sense!


Helps Prevent Injury

Massage combined with foot and ankle strengthening exercises and stretching it can prevent future injuries as well as help you recover from previous injury.

I have a lot of issues with my feet and ankles. I was that kid that was on crutches once to twice a year.  And as an adult my feet and ankles got worse.  I hurt when it rained, I hurt when it snowed and when I would get up in the morning I had to slowly put weight on my feet before I got out of bed or I’d have shooting pain up my legs or my ankles would decide not to work and I would just fall on the floor. I was 19 and I felt like an old lady.

Thankfully around this time I started learning how to do self massage on youtube and I started working out at the gym.  I incorporated strengthening exercises into my workout that focused on the muscles and tendins in my ankles.  And if you would like to know exactly what those exercises were leave a comment and I’d be happy to tell you what I used that worked for me.  So between the self massage and the strength training I saw a huge difference in 6 months.  My feet don’t hurt when it’s raining or snowing and I can jump out of bed in the morning without even thinking about my feet.

And remember this is just what happened with me and how I did it.  If you have or had a serious injury consult your doctor.


Helps with Depression and Anxiety

Frequent sessions have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in cancer patients. The techniques can be learned fairly quickly and can serve as an effective way of dealing with depression and anxiety.


Helps with Headaches and Migraines

“A study conducted in Denmark showed that people suffering from headaches and migraines showed great improvement after receiving reflexology treatments. The test subjects stopped taking their medication, and three months after completing their treatments, 65% had reduced symptoms while a small number had been cured. It is believed that those who had reflexology foot massages managed to make additional positive lifestyle changes that may have contributed to their impressive results.”


Helps with Flat Feet

Regular foot exercise coupled with deep massage, where you apply strong pressure on the arch, can help significantly lessen the pain.


Helps Symptoms of PMS and Menopause

For both PMS and menopause massage can greatly reduce some some of the symptoms.  So gentlemen if your lady is going through either of these sit her down in a comfy seat and give her a foot rub.


Reduces Effects of Edema in Pregnant Women

Edema, that is, swelling due to fluid retention in the feet and ankles, is very common in pregnant women, mostly in the last trimester. This condition can be combated by massaging the feet on a daily basis, coupled with plenty of rest and the right diet.


With that you can now see that their is a lot of physical and mental benefits to foot massage.

I hope you enjoyed and got a lot out of this article.

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Information pulled September 10, 2018


Photo by Min An from Pexels

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