Benefits of Massage for Dogs

Benefits of Massage for Dogs


The benefits of massage have long been studied in people but did you know that massage can also benefit our four legged friends as well?

I know what you’re thinking, “Really, give my dog a massage?”

Why not?

There’s many things that benefit you and your pet when practicing this activity.

Such as….


1. Relaxation

We all know massage is very relaxing and has been know to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and aggression in nervous dogs.  If you recently adopted a dog from a shelter this is a really good way to help the dog become more used to human interaction.  Especially if they were a rescue, massages are positively rewarding for the dog by the physical pleasures of massage, all while healing their emotions.


2. Improves Circulation

Like a massage on humans massage also helps stimulate the muscles and tissues of the body increasing circulation and improved blood allowing more oxygen into the tissues.  Also, if your dog is sick or recovering from an injury it can help speed up the healing process.


3. Spend Quality Time Together

I don’t know of any dog that doesn’t like attention and this attention they absolutely love!


4. Early Detection

Getting a feel for your dogs body can help you detect any wounds or lumps that you normally felt before seen.  You can also keep notes for your vet of when exactly it you noticed it and if it’s improved over time or if it’s worsened.


5. Improves Your Health

Science has shown that petting animals greatly improves the mental and physical health of people.  Such as reduce stress, lowers blood pressure and improves your mood.


I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Information pulled September 26, 2018


Photo by Studio 7042 from Pexels


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