Benefits of a Ginger Detox Bath


I just stumbled on this the other day and found it very interesting.  I love ginger tea and us it for many things such as cold, upset stomach or even to help with menstrual cramps.

But how does it benefit you in a bath?

So I’ve done some reading and this is what I found…


The ginger bath helps detox the body and since ginger is an anti- inflammatory it’s great for athletes or people who workout.  Which means faster recovery time, better sleep and your going to smell like a cup of tea.

And if you really think about all you would have to add is some honey and you’d have tea.  Just saying 😉

Honey also is an anti- inflammatory and is great for your skin.  So if you really wanted to go ahead and add some honey!

Ok, back to ginger…

This bath is also good for chest congestion due to cold. If you are suffering from blocked nose, headache and sinus then ginger bath will be very beneficial.

This bath can be used for children too, but reduce the amount of the ginger mixture and don’t make them soak too long in the bath, especially if using it for the first time.

Normally for kids I will make them a ginger tea like I mentioned earlier.  I haven’t had a kid not like it yet but if it every happens I’m happy I can use this as another alternative.



You are going to sweat a lot during and at least an hour after this bath.  So be sure to drink plenty of water before and after.


Here are a few things that I found people recommended:

  • This blend will not irritate the skin, but if you have a very very sensitive skin, do a small patch test with the mixture to be 100% sure.
  • Try this ginger bath weekly once or twice till you feel better.
  • Try using organic ginger and ginger powder for good results.
  • The essential oil in the blend makes the bath smell wonderful.
  • Light a few candles and play some soft music and you will feel as if you are in an expensive spa


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This information was pulled October 31, 2018


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