How to get oil out of massage sheets

Massages are a wonderful relaxing experience, not only for the client but also for the therapist.

Oils are usually used during the appointment to allow the therapists hands to glide smoothly over the clients body. Some businesses like to use lotions but me personally when I’m getting a massage a prefer some type of oil.

During the massage oil get on the sheets and must be cleaned after each use.

Depending on what type of oil you use will also depend on how you need to clean your sheets.  We made the terrible mistake once when we accidentally ordered Grape Seed oil rather than Sweet Almond oil.

You’re probably asking why that was a mistake?

Well let me tell you…

Grape Seed oil is almost impossible to get out of massage sheets and if your sheets are a light color the stains will never come out.

I’ve tried:

  • soaking them in vinegar and baking soda
  • washing them with Dawn Dish Soap
  • Soaking them in Bleach
  • tried different detergents

No matter what I tried nothing seemed to work.

I normally don’t like to use harsh chemicals such as bleach unless absolutely necessary, and be leave me IT WAS NECESSARY!  I probably soaked my sheets in my bathtub for a week and still the oil wouldn’t come out.  Finally I gave up and ordered new sheets. (no we did not use these sheets with clients at this time, thankfully I had extras while we waited for the new ones)

So the moral of that story is DO NOT USE GRAPE SEED OIL!

But anyway back to our topic.


1. Wash with Hot Water

– This is going to help break down the oil and make it easier to extract from the sheets.


2. What detergent should you use?

Here are a few detergents that I have found work best.

  • Arm & Hammer Detergent
  • Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn is known for breaking down oils and really comes in handy.  The best way to use it is add a little bit with your normal laundry detergent and be sure not to use too much or you will end up with a bubbly mess.

  • Fast Orange Mechanics Laundry Detergent

Fast Orange Laundry detergent is by far the best detergent to use for cleaning massage sheets.

You’re probably wondering how I discovered this…

Well after my incident with the grape seed oil I got to thinking.  My step dad owned an auto-shop and I remembered him using this hand soap to clean his hands of the oil and grease. And I thought, I could add that to my laundry and it would clean my sheets better.  So I called him and explained what I was planning on doing and he laughed and said, “You do realize they make a laundry detergent that is the same brand right?”  To which I replied, “Well that’s even better!”

Just as a heads up it is only 40 oz which is kind of small but it really does the trick.

Advanced Auto Parts if you’re reading this please give us larger bottles of detergent.  I would greatly appreciate it!


Where to buy?

You can either go to an Advanced Auto Parts Store or order it on their website.

You can also get this on Amazon but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Each time I’ve ordered it from Amazon they don’t pack it properly and it leaves a mess and lose half a bottle of detergent.  So save yourself the hassle.

 3. Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly 

This makes a huge difference in how clean your sheets come out.  Since you’re washing out oils constantly you want to make sure that oil is not being built up.  Which is also why I like the Mechanics detergent because it also helps keep your washer clean.


Well that is it, those are my tips to have cleaner sheets.

I hope yo got something out of this and found some things that are helpful.

Leave a comment below of some tips and trick that you have found, we would like to hear them!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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Image by silviarita from Pixabay


6 thoughts on “How to get oil out of massage sheets

  1. thanks for the tip. I’m going to try that mechanics detergent in the next few days. I love to use premium cotton for my massage clients. I hope it will save some sheets I really like & be able to use them again. I’ll try presoaking them 1st as well.


  2. I’ve just ordered the Fast Orange. Thanks for this tip! I’m, also, going to try the Dawn and Arm & Hammer. How much Dawn are we talking about? 1 tablespoon?


  3. I’m a massage student and have only done a handful of homework massages at home with the sheets I bought, and they already smell like oil, despite washing them in hot water immediately after use. So here I am, searching the internet for solutions, and I find this. I have been using a combo of grapeseed oil and jojoba. D’oh. Thank you for the tip to switch oils. Hoping now that I can save my sheets with Fast Orange, baking soda, borax, or any of the other tips I found. Thanks!


    1. Happy we could help! I had to throw out half of my sheets when we accidentally ordered grapeseed oil. I didn’t know about Fast Orange when it happened. I’d recommend letting it pre-treat in a tub before washing to help break down the oil.


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