Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Massage

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Massage



With today’s hustle and bustle it’s important to stop, relax and enjoy a little quite time.  And what better way to do that then to get a massage!

Great idea right?

But before you set up your appointment here’s a few things you should know…


Be On Time

The general rule of thumb when you make an appointment with a massage therapist is to arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment.  This gives you time to fill out some paperwork and ask your therapist questions about any concerns you may have.

Another reason to arrive early is your therapist has a tight schedule and your appointment starts at the time you scheduled.  For example if you booked an appointment at 3pm for 60 minutes your session starts at 3pm whether you’re on time or not.  So to make sure you get the most out of what your paying for always plan to arrive 15 minutes before.


It’s Ok to be nude but….

If you choose to not wear underwear during your session that is totally ok.  However, due to what they teach in massage therapy school and the state laws you are required to wear draping to cover your middle area for decency.

And don’t throw the draping on the floor or take it off during your session.  If your too hot let your therapist know and they’ll adjust the temp in the room so you are more comfortable.


It’s ok to ask for more or less pressure.

It’s all about your comfort.  We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your visit.  It you like a deep tissue massage don’t worry it’s not going to hurt your therapist to give you more pressure.  Or if it’s too hard again it’s all about your comfort it’s ok to say, “hey can we do a little lighter there.”

Everyone is different.

Also, as much as they know about the human body they can’t feel what you feel so if something is making you uncomfortable let them know.


Cut back on the cologne or perfume.

No one wants to be smelly when they get a massage nor do massage therapists want a client who is smelly.  However, some cologne or perfumes are too much.  They may smell good to you but your massage therapist is going to be working very closely to you and if it’s too strong it can be just as bad as having a stinky client.

Or they don’t like the smell and in that case you are a stinky client.

If you’re worried about smelling take a shower before your appointment.  This also helps loosen you muscles as well!


Your massage shouldn’t hurt.

You are going to have some moments where you are going to experience some discomfort during your session but you should never overtake the experience. If too much force is put on a muscle, the muscle tightens up more. The result is even more pain, possibly bruising and muscle damage. That’s why it is imperative to let your therapist know if something hurts or you need less pressure.


Let them know if your health has changed.

If you have a health concern or condition, let your therapist know. if you’ve had a change in your medical condition since your last massage, let your therapist know that too. Telling them halfway through a deep-tissue massage that you bruise easily because you are on blood thinners may be too late.


You don’t have to talk.

Some people feel uncomfortable not talking during a session but it’s don’t worry it’s ok not to talk.  Or if your a person who loves to talk that’s ok too.  I’ve found depending on where you go determines whether or not it’s ok to talk.


Drink lots of water after your appointment.

Massages breaks up toxins so after it’s good to drink lots of water to flush it all out of your body.


Workout before not after.

I personally do a lot of weight training and it’s not a good idea to workout after a massage.  Reason being it stresses and strains your muscles.  Best time to get a massage is after the workout when your muscles are tired and helps speed up your recovery.


With that I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Information pulled September 26, 2018


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