What You Should Do After A Massage

What You Should Do After A Massage


1. Don’t drink alcohol

There’s a reason your massage therapist tells you to drink lots of water after your session.  Massage is one of the ways to detox your body of toxins and drinking a lot of water after your session helps your kidneys flush out those toxins.  Drinking just one glass of wine can strain your kidneys and make your more sore and tired.

If you want something other then water drink juice.


2. Don’t workout after a massage

It’s not a good idea to workout after a massage.  Reason being it stresses and strains your muscles.  Best time to get a massage is after the workout when your muscles are tired and helps speed up your recovery.


3. Watch what you eat

It’s better to eat a light meal like a salad after your session then a heavy one.  A heavy meal can make you feel sluggish and bloated rather then re-energized.


4. No head banging

What I mean by this is keep the volume of your music down when you get in the car and don’t listen to the news.  You just spent the last hour receiving positive energy don’t wreak it by listening to the news.


5. Schedule your time wisely

Don’t schedule your appointment too close to an event or meeting.  You don’t want to go from a relaxed state to jumping up running out the door and rushing to where ever you need to be.


6. Comfy clothes

I know this doesn’t always happen but if you have no where to be after your appointment dress comfortably.  After getting a massage I personally like to wear my favorite soft pants and slippers.  It’s comfortable and soft.


7. Make sure to have some “Me time”

Once your relaxed and in some comfortable clothing it’s good to enjoy some alone time with a cup of tea and a good book.  Or whatever you like to do to relax.


With that I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Information pulled October 1, 2018




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