There are two types of the Carnivore Diet…

First is steak with salt, pepper and a glass of water and the second is a less strict version and may take more time to get results. But even with using the second version I still saw fast results.

I’ve lost 6 pounds in 5 weeks and that was with Thanksgiving.

Starting on the left is when I first started and the 2 images on the right are after 5 weeks.

Keep in mind, any drastic changes to your diet needs to be discussed with your medical doctor if you have any health conditions or on medication.

Now how exactly did I do this?

When my fiancé Jeff and I were looking into this diet we did our research and found a list of the things that we could eat based on the Carnivore Diet. Which then when I would cook I would base everything off of that list. However, what I found was when people asked what we were doing and I sent them the list of what we could eat most people couldn’t follow it. It was too broad and lacking direction so I decided for each recipe that I made,` I would put it together in a video so that way I can share it with all of you who are also trying to use this diet as well.

Due to many conversations I’ve had with people who are trying to get in better health or trying to lose weight is they don’t have time or it can be too expensive to eat healthy. Having the time to cook I can completely understand because if you have kids or you have a crazy work schedule I wanted this to be something everyone can do. As far as the food expenses are concerned, I found we didn’t spend any more on food with this diet than we did previously. But before you start lecturing me in the comments understand we do not keep any junk food in our house. If it’s not alive or was alive at one point I do not eat it nor do I keep it in the house. On the rare occasion that I do keep some sweets in the house I usually keep them out of my sight because so long as I can’t see them I’m less likely to try to eat them. Which this is going to be very important when you start this diet because what I have found is for the first two weeks I really craved sugar like I have never craved sugar before. And when people have asked how did I manage to get through those cravings I simply told them I didn’t have it in my house and if I really really wanted it I would have to go to the store to get it.

Thankfully I have a spouse who wanted to go on this diet with me so it did make things easier. And he had no complaints he has been enjoying every meal sense and looks forward to seeing what I am going to make him next.

The goal of these recipes was to make them fast, convenient, easy, healthy and delicious.

And as I’m going through these recipes and sharing them with you I would really appreciate your feedback of what recipes you liked or if you have a suggestion of any recipes we should try please feel free to put them in the comments below!

Now to the fun part….

What are me making?

Since the original carnivore diet was mainly steak I figured it was only natural that we start with a steak recipe.

You will need:

  • 1 steaks
  • salt
  • cloves of minced garlic
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp fennel seed

Set skillet to 400° and cook each side for two minutes.

You want your steaks to be a little red/pink in the middle. I found two minutes each side has been a great guide for me and if you need to cook it for an extra 30 seconds to a minute that works too.

Now there is a purpose to me telling you to cook it this way. Not only does it make it taste better and is the only way you should have steak. But the other reason is contrary to what most people believe the little pink meat it’s not blood and it contains essential fatty acids that are very important to your health such as:

  • lowering cholesterol
  • improving mental health
  • fighting inflammation
  • and can also help with auto immune diseases

So by cooking your steak well done you’re actually losing those essential fatty acids that your body very much needs.

This is one of my favorite ways to prepare steak.

As I have said before I would appreciate your feedback to see what you guys are enjoying and what you are learning. Also feel free to send me a message to let me know what your results are as you’re going through this journey with us.

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